The Samsung s20 is here and this is by far, one of the biggest changes that Samsung has ever made to its line of smartphones. We got things such as a 100x zoom camera, 8k recording a massive battery as well as an extremely fluid 120hertz display.

     The 120hertz display makes the s20 feel years ahead in terms of the performance. This was far more fluid even than the one plus 7t pro which has a 90hertz display. However, there is one thing you cannot use the new 120hertz when the display is running at full resolution you have to switch to full HD plus otherwise, you’ll have to stick to 60 hertz.

Now aside from that, the touch inputs would be twice more accurate than before; this is because of the brand-new haptic engine that was introduced in galaxy note 10. This means whenever you’re tapping an option in the settings menu you can feel the alarm clock wheel you can feel a response back one.

·        The s20 ultra supports fast 45w charging that we got with the s10 plus last year so even with that enormous 5000 mah battery the ultra will still be able to fully charge in just an hour which is pretty amazing. The other s20s have also got an improved fast charging from the s10s with 25 watts charging from 15 watts which we had with the s10s. Which will get you up to 50% in just less than 30 minutes, which is also pretty amazing.

.·        The s20s especially the ultra is that unbelievable 100 times zoom camera so to clarify. The 100x zoom is not optical but instead, it is digital. the s20 ultra has 10x hybrid zoom and around 5x optical zoom which is a big improvement from the 2x that we had before and then the remaining zoom is done digitally, because of that massive 108-megapixel sensor. The other two s20s still have an impressive zoom level as well so they both have 30x digital zoom. Samsung has added a bunch of lenses that can heavily magnify the image.
All three models of the s20s are powered by snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990.

According to the AnTuTubenchmarks, the snapdragon is way more ahead than the Exynos and it’s almost a 10%jump. Which is half a generational hike of performance. While gaming the issue with Exynos will start to come after prolonged sessions of gaming and the framerate will reduce to like 15 frames per second. But in Qualcomm, no such issues are there it is locked at 60 frames per second.All the three models of the s20s come with a dedicated micro SD card slot this is pretty amazing. As no other smartphones at this price range are offering.

Now, actually, we get up to 1.5 terabytes of storage on the ultra or 1.1terabytes in order to  s20s this is because when the three  s20s will come with108 gigabytes of storage as default. So any Ultra will also have a second option of 512 gigabytes now some people might not appreciate the fact that Samsung isn’t offering more than 120 gigabytes.

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